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Take your football in-play betting to the new level!

GoalsBot is the ultimate automated betting bot for football in-play under/over AH goals and corners betting.

  • Runs 24/7 on our Private Server.
  • Uses biggest Asian bookmakers offering highest odds & limits.
  • Comes with preloaded systems for unlimited bets placement.
  • Available in two versions - with Manual Selections and Auto Selections (for truly fully automated betting process).

About us

Being successful in betting is a huge commitment. It's a profession in which you have to tackle not only your personal weaknesses, emotions and imperfections, but also the dirty playing bookmakers, who will ban or limit you as soon as you don't match their mug punter's profile. Or perhaps your country or juristdiction makes it ever so more difficult to access the fair bookmaking firms and exchanges. You will quickly learn that, if you want to stay successful in this game, you have to evolve and keep improving.

This bot offers that evolution. It helps to stay disciplined by not chasing losses, following staking rules and sticking to executing betting strategies flawlessly. You don't need to monitor your football matches and wait for certain criteria to happen, as it will do it for you. It gives you the freedom to do other things whilst it does your job for you. Moreover, you can use it from anywhere in the World, no matter where you live. Oh, and we use bookies which won't limit you or close your accounts... You are welcome.



The bot monitors the selected football markets whilst the match goes live. Once your football betting system's criteria is met, it places your bets.

Unlimited Bets

There are no limits for number of bets placed by the bot by market, match or subscription time. Set your bets manually or use the Auto Selections option.

Performance Tracking

All placed bets are available in the Bets History tab and all betting systems performance can be tracked in the Stats tab. Including daily bank change chart and detailed profit/loss summaries.

Betting Systems

Comes with a number of systems to use on Under/Over Asian Handicap goals & corners markets. New systems can be easily added and the available ones can be edited (e.g. stake, odds etc.).

Quick at a glance GoalsBot view

Very easy and intuitive bot interface with plenty of filters, search boxes and options available and designed for effortless downloading matches, short-listing them, assigning systems, keeping track of current and past bets, as well as monitoring performance statistics and detailed results breakdowns. Including extensive documentation page,

Bot Modes

The Goals Bot is available to use in two modes:

Premium Plan

Manual Selections

  • Manually downloading matches.
  • Manually choosing matches to watched.
  • Manually assigning systems to short-listed fixtures.
  • Unlimited systems.
  • Unlimited bets placement.
PRO plan

Auto Selections

  • Automatically downloading systems matches.
  • Automatically selecting matches to watched.
  • Automatically assigning systems to short-listed fixtures.
  • Built in systems + possible automation of your selections.
  • Unlimited bets placement.


Powered by superb AsianOdds88 API from

Asian Connect

The Asian Odds service combines 6 biggest Asian bookmakers (including Pinnacle, SBOBET, SingBet, BetISN, GA288 & MAXBet). Thanks to that, our bot places all bets at currently highest odds making it superior to any other platform. That means that you will catch more winners as your required odds criteria will be met quicker during in-play with AsianOdds88 than when betting with any other bookies.

You will need to open an account with AsianOdds88, fund it and request real API account credentials before you can use our bot. Their service comes with an award winning 24/7 skype customer support and providing top service with flawless operations. Furthermore, they usually accept customers from betting restricted territories.

How to get started?

Step 1.

Sign up for AsianOdds88 account at AsianConnect.

Step 2.

Fund your AsianOdd88 Account.

Step 3.

Contact AO88 support to request real API account credentials.

Step 4.

Sign up & choose a subscription at GoalsBot.

Step 5.

Allow us to set up your BOT shortly after your subscription.

Step 6.

Evolve your betting.

Subscription Options

All subscription plans are one off payments.

The Manual Selections mode from only £1 per day!
Auto Selections mode for only £2 per day!

Premium 3

£4.99 3 days
  • Manual Selections

Premium 7

£9.99 7 days
  • Manual Selections

Premium 30

£29.99 30 days
  • Manual Selections

PRO Bronze

£9.99 3 days
  • Auto Selections

PRO Silver

£19.99 7 days
  • Auto Selections


£59.99 30 days
  • Auto Selections

Auto Selections Systems Results

There is a number of Auto Selections systems available for you to follow (PRO subscription only).
Browse all the results summaries, see detailed profit/loss breakdowns & performance charts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no. You will need valid API login credentials to be able to use the GoalsBot.

You can place multiple bets on the same match, but they will have to be assigned by various systems e.g. you can't submit the same bet twice.

The minimum bet is £5/5 Euro (Some bookies have minimum of £3, but we recommed to use £5 as it will place the bets with all bookies).

The maximum bet depends on the market type and competition. It varies from bookmaker to bookmaker and can be checked via AsianOdds88 website when placing bets. You should be able to place hundreds or thousands of pounds per bet without any problems.

At the moment, the main payment method accepted is PayPal. We will add Skrill in the near future.

There may be a possibility of automating your systems and strategies, so please get in touch for more information.

You are also welcome to automate your stats based strategies from our partner websites and

Unfortunately we don't offer free trials options. Please refer to the bot features, videos, screen shots and auto selections results to get a better idea whether the bot is the right option for you.

If you are still not sure about committing to it, please consider purchasing the minimum length subscription type i.e. 3 days.

Have other question or any doubts? Get in touch by filling the contact form below!

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