For the 2018/2019 football season, we have acquired access to the B365 in-play statistics. That means that we have converted our old pre-match stats based systems into a combination of both pre-match and in-play statistics. We are able to monitor pretty much all live football matches and send our selections every 1 minute straight into the BOT for the bet placement.


Testing many new systems with the BOT is very time-consuming and not exactly very cost-effective, hence we are recording all selections to a separate spreadsheet for information purposes and possible further improvements. 
As a PRO member of, you have an access to those systems and can choose to follow any of them with your subscription. 
For current systems results, please see the following link:
Please note, that not all selections are available to place with the BOT (some lower leagues are not covered by Asian Odds 88 for in-play betting). 


We encourage our members to test their own systems and ideas with the BOT and Auto Selections and we are happy to automate them (set it up). Your AS systems are available for you to use only.
If you wish us to add your Auto Selections system please let us know your conditions: 
We cover the following parameters from B365 in-play stats
An example system could look like this: 
- Favourite (home team pre-match odds < 1.5)
- losing 0 - 2
- before 60th min 
- back over 3.5 Goals @ 1.9